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Freezing eggs to thaw-out female careers

Freezing eggs to thaw-out female careers (Last Updated On: October 20, 2014)

Virtus Health a Queensland fertility clinic has become Australia’s first company to offer female staff member’s subsidies for freezing their eggs. The company’s decision to implement this new policy is to support staff who choose to delay motherhood until later in their careers.

The fertility clinic has made their policy known to the public after Facebook and Apple released last week that they too offer this fertility policy to staff. IVF is becoming more common in the lives of many Australians who struggle to conceive later on in life. The average childbearing age is older than it was 20 years ago and many mothers choose to start a family after they have successfully established a career in their chosen field. Some believe an established career before motherhood will give them a better chance to securely come back to work after maternity leave.

Dr David Malloy the medical director of the Queensland fertility clinic says that it made sense to offer the policy, being a fertility company they have a history of supporting employees to access reproductive medical technology. He said that the policy “provides a level of reproductive insurance and a greater flexibility in their careers”.

Businesses offering perks to staff members to win them over or boost morale is nothing new but when it comes to impacting the family life of a staff member the employer needs to ensure that there are no grey areas in policy making. If you would like to seek advice on implementing new policies into your workplace call Employsure today on 1300 651 415 or fill in the form below.

*Information sourced via The Smart Company website.

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