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Generation why not

CultureJuly 16, 2014

Generation why not (Last Updated On: July 16, 2014)

The latest survey from Universum highlights the key drivers of employment attractiveness for generation Y. It may be that gen Y have been in supportive and sociable educational institutions longer than baby boomers, but if its anything to go by, this is a positive thing. Gen Y rank people and job culture highest on their list of job attractiveness. Universum’s branding adviser Kit Foong said employers need to be able to tell stories about the culture within a business for the role to be enticing. It’s not just about using buzz words but rather setting the scene and ensuring that the office environment is a friendly one.

Gen Y also say that they need to be working towards a greater good or dedicated to a cause, perhaps we are living in a more technological advanced 60s era. Have we just replaced hippies with hipsters? Gen Y, it seems are paving the way to a workplace with less staff disputes and happier employees, which will ultimately alleviate headaches for employers.

The study showed that job characteristics, advancement opportunities and employer reputation and image are close to the most important things when looking for a job. Gen Y are seeking a work life balance and to feel secure in a role. Do you have these attractive qualities in your business? If you would like to take a step towards creating a better job culture, where your employees feel more secure in their roles, contact Employsure. We can help you to implement policies and procedures which ensure your staff are sure of their roles and responsibilities which will have imminent effects on your employment attractiveness.


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