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Graeme Innes – Are you a leaner or a lifter?

DiscriminationJuly 4, 2014

Graeme Innes – Are you a leaner or a lifter? (Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

Today the country farewells the courageously outgoing Australian disability discrimination commissioner Graeme Innes. After 3 decades lifting the country’s access, infrastructure and pride of Australians living with disabilities and racial discrimination, Mr Innes in his closing speech, addressed the hardship of gaining employment in Australia for those with disabilities. He says that Australians living with disabilities are somewhat forced to be learners, they must lean on others as they are not provided with the opportunities to be independent, to be successful and to be lifters.

Mr Innes was buying fish and chips when he received the phone call letting him know he had landed his dream job, despite being born blind he threw his daughter high into the air in celebration – luckily he caught her. Living by his own influencing human rights icons Cyndi Lauper and Dr Seuss, Mr Innes has shown so many that he is capable of change and to lift those around him. He has ensured that other Australians living with disabilities get the opportunity of celebrating employment and self-fulfilment. Mr Innes for example is the man blind people can thank when they travel to work, he won a battle against Sydney trains in federal court and now gets told where he is on the train.

His main objective of employment of people with disabilities has been remarkable. We wish him the very best in the future and thank him for being so inspirational. Mr Innes will be interviewed 4th July on ABC news at 8.30pm and you can read his closing speech in full here.

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