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Heartbreak at Hugo Boss

Heartbreak at Hugo Boss (Last Updated On: March 24, 2015)

A 4-year-old boy in the UK has died from head injuries after a 118kg mirror fell on him and crushed his skull.

The boy, Austen, was playing in a change room while his mother and father were choosing a tie to fit with a suit his father was trying on. They heard a “quick loud sudden bang” and the smashing of glass and knew their son was under the mirror as it was “not lying flat to the floor”.

Simon Harrison, Austen’s father recalled, “Austen was looking at himself in front of the mirror when I heard a crash. We ran to the mirror and Austen was underneath it. His head was broken.”

As a jury inquest into the accident continues, one of the main concerns is why the mirror, which was not designed to be freestanding, wasn’t fixed to the wall?

An off duty doctor who was in the store at the time performed first aid and attempted to keep to boy stable until paramedics arrived, but the injuries Austen sustained to his head caused him to die in hospital 4 days later.

Business owners need to be aware that they have the responsibility to ensure that the health and safety of customers and staff is upheld. Your workplace needs to meet strict health and safety regulations which in turn ensures that your business is protected from accidents such as this.

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*Information sourced via The Telegraph.

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