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How do you know if somebody is vegan?

How do you know if somebody is vegan? (Last Updated On: November 18, 2016)

A vegan restaurant in Canberra has breached food safety regulations when the owner refused to kill cockroaches due to his vegan moral grounds. The infested Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant was fined $16,000.

In a meeting with the Health Protection Service in June 2013, Khanh Hoang admitted knowing that the cockroaches were on his premises but he refused to exterminate them “because it would involve killing the little creatures”. Despite his moral views Hoang allowed 12 breaches of the Food Act to continue.

Four months later, Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant was visited again by the ACT Health inspectors following a tip-off from customers. Food was stored incorrectly, there were dirty kitchen walls, benches, equipment and faulty hand washing facilities. The restaurant was closed for six days whilst repairs were made and breaches of the Food Act were rectified.

Magistrate Maria Doogan said it straight, “regardless of moral or philosophical beliefs, anyone starting a business must understand the rules and regulations of their industry, as well as the baseline expectations of their customers”.

Although Hoang is a passionate vegan, he has accepted that his “values were misguided at the time”. He has now appointed a Food Safety Supervisor, which is a good start to rectify his tarnished reputation in the area.

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*Information sourced via the Smart Company website.

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