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How This Small Business Owner Reached Australia’s Biggest Business Stage

Published July 30, 2018 (last updated February 9, 2023) - Face2Face Field Service Manager
Grooming Business

When Nathan Ahern first conceived the idea of Guys Grooming in 2003, it was with a vision to build a business that hadn’t been seen in Perth before. Inspired by his time living in Europe and with the support of an entrepreneurial family, he started an all-encompassing enterprise specialising in male grooming.

Going far beyond the traditional barber shop, Nathan built his business to include massage, tanning, waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures — catering specifically to the male market.

Like any small business, Nathan’s early years were precarious as he slowly built a business, brand and reputation. He and his wife Rebecca invested large capital in renting a prime CBD location, overcoming traditionally dismissive attitudes towards male grooming and establishing relationships with like-minded businesses that could help him grow a loyal clientele.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Guys Grooming was awarded a prestigious Optus My Business Award, recognising business excellence.

For Nathan it was validation for a decade of hard-work, persistence and commitment.

“We were ecstatic because it was the very first time that our full business model had been under scrutiny and recognised for being a success,” Nathan said.

“The award encompassed our whole business. Previously we’d won awards for either hair or body, which only recognised half of our team. But this sort of award recognises the whole team because everyone contributes to the business model.”

The Optus My Business Awards is the longest-standing business awards program in Australia and identifies and acknowledges the achievements of Australia’s best business operators.

Employsure is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Optus My Business Awards and is encouraging clients from all industries and sectors to consider entering.

As Nathan can attest, winning such awards can be a great boost for any business.

“Winning an award propels your team in a really positive way. Having the opportunity to talk about these awards, how we did it, and sharing it with staff is great for morale. It’s been a real team building event for us and submitting for an award is something that I would recommend to any business.”

Nominate your business for an Optus My Business Award

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The Optus My Business Awards is the longest-standing business awards program in Australia, and identifies and acknowledges the achievements of Australia’s best business operators. Winners of these prestigious awards represent the best of the best.

To nominate your business visit the Optus My Business Awards website to complete the submission process.

Nominations close on Friday 31 August.

Find out more about Guys Grooming:

(08) 9226 3022
Twitter: @GuysGrooming
Instagram: guysgrooming

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