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How to build workplace morale

How to build workplace morale (Last Updated On: March 10, 2016)

Would you like your company to be bigger than Ben Hur? One suggestion to assist in this would be to focus on workplace morale as a driving force behind your success.

Workplace morale is described as the emotions, attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook of employees during their time in a workplace environment. Effective productivity is directly related to the morale of your employees. Companies that have employees who are dissatisfied and negative about their work environment, will have, and may spread negative or low morale.

Employee morale in a workplace can depend on many factors, some of which include workload, pay and rewards, leadership, the quality of relationships and the clarity of expectations.

A company who is striving to be as big as Ben Hur will eventually learn vital lessons about morale along the way. A defining quote from the movie which may resonate with employers is “we keep you alive to serve this ship, so row well and live!” Have you, in your experience, come across as a leader who believes that everybody is lucky to have their job, so why be somber and complain? This attitude in itself will spread low morale. If your employees are feeling like they are only at work to row, they may struggle with morale.


How to boost morale in your workplace


Build trust and appreciate your workers

Sincerity and continual engagement with your employees are great ways to motivate staff. The aim is to make your employees feel they are valuable and worthy people, and you personally believe in their value and worth as a member of the team. Morale will be high when employees contributions to the team are highly regarded and a vital component.

Employees will have low moral if a leader only acknowledges them at times when they need more out of them. Genuinely engage with your staff as people, not as task bearers.


Focus on clarity and expectations

There are few things more frustrating than confusion. At work, employees want to perform well. If there is a lack of guidance or understanding of how you want jobs to be performed, low morale will result. If you let time go by without properly laying out the guidelines for a task or role, how will the employee know what is expected of them? Being left in the dark is frustrating and leads to discouragement and a feeling of being unfulfilled. Be clear and you will get clear results.


One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch

If you have a problematic employee who spreads negativity, it needs to be addressed straight away. It is Employsure’s recommendation to have a defined procedure to follow when any behavioural issues arise. A safe and respectful environment should be established so employees can talk to someone when concerns arise or they find themselves in a negative situation with a colleague.

If you have a problematic employee you should endeavor to work with them to address their concerns. There may be a solution to the disgruntled behaviour which will benefit both parties, however, you will need to assess their willingness to change. If the issue cannot be resolved and termination is your desired outcome, you will need to follow the correct process in order to offer the employee procedural fairness. Employsure offers guidance when going through such difficult situations, and establishes disciplinary procedures and process tailored to your workplace.


If you have a problem with low morale and you would like to discuss your options with a qualified professional, call Employsure today on 1300 651 415.

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