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How to keep your employees engaged

CultureMarch 24, 2015

How to keep your employees engaged (Last Updated On: March 24, 2015)

The number one problem facing 87% of HR and business leaders all over the world, according to a recent Deloitte survey, is lack of employee engagement. Employee engagement is a common term but what does it mean? It is when employees feel some emotional commitment to their job and their company. While 50% of leaders say engagement is “very important”, compared to only 26% last year, 60% say their organisation does not track it very well.

This survey had more than 3,000 respondents from over 100 countries, so lack of employee engagement, or commitment, is typical everywhere.

One reason is today’s employees are becoming more mobile, autonomous and demanding about how and where they work. Deloitte says they are “now more like customers”. The millennials (people born in the early 1980s to early 2000s) are starting to shape organisational culture. They go to Facebook or LinkedIn to find out what it is like to work for certain companies and join the ones with a more appealing culture.

Culture, often described as “the way we do things”, is usually set by the people at the top. If you, as an employer, want to attract motivated employees, you may need to offer more flexibility, empowerment, development and mobility at work. Many employees are looking for more leadership and coaching to develop their skills at work and even a sense of purpose.

Today’s HR department or business owner needs to recognise the value of regular performance management, flexibility and work-life balance to improve employee commitment in the workplace.

The Deloitte survey also found 35% (25% last year) rated lack of HR skills as a “very important” problem. This is where Employsure can help. We will partner with you to share our expertise in HR and workplace relations.

If your business is in need of cultural change, we can empower managers with the implementation of policies and procedures to encourage employee engagement. Employsure can also provide employment relations advice,  which can encourage cultural change within your business. Call Employsure for advice today on 1300 651 415 or fill in the form below.

*Sourced from Pro Bono Australia.

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