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Inappropriate comments lead to appropriate dismissal.

Unfair DismissalSeptember 19, 2016

Inappropriate comments lead to appropriate dismissal. (Last Updated On: September 19, 2016)

A Brisbane pub manager has lost his bid to claim unfair dismissal, following his termination for telling a female colleague to “suck it up” and “pick a side princess”.

Andrew Masterson was fired from his position as assistant manager at Wynnum’s Waterloo Bay Hotel on 19 February 2016, nine days after his vulgar comments were made. Mr Masterson was accused of acting aggressively and inappropriately towards two female staff members, both of whom lodged complaints with their employer.

Mr Masterson took his dismissal to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) citing he had been unfairly dismissed. The FWC heard Mr Masterson told one of his female co-workers she should “suck it up and pick a side” when she expressed her concern over being involved in a ‘turf war’ between Mr Masterson and another colleague.

Mr Masterson denied making the comments, instead insisting his female colleagues were conspiring against him. Fair Work Commissioner Jennifer Hunt ruled that Mr Masterson had made the comments, and had referred to another co-worker using a derogatory term which she called “coarse and vulgar”.

Mr Masterson’s behaviour towards his co-workers highlights the importance of ensuring you have a disciplinary process in place should similar complaints be lodged against a staff member in your workplace.

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Sourced from the Courier Mail

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