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Joan Kirner – The voice of women in Australia

Culture, DiscriminationJune 2, 2015

Joan Kirner – The voice of women in Australia (Last Updated On: June 2, 2015)

Joan Kirner’s life will today be celebrated at her state funeral. Joan was known as the “voice of women in Australian politics” for over 25 years. She led, inspired and mentored many women, notably, Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

Around the country today we will remember Joan as the political lady who achieved great things for the women of Australia. Gender equality and equal pay principles in the Fair Work Act where changed because of Joan. She was a positive and progressive woman who “always had something positive and clear to say”. She was driven to acknowledge influential women of Australia’s history and “she raised a generation of Labor women, policy smart and campaign ready”. Joan founded EMILY’s List, which was established to “propel progressive women into parliament” one of these women was Julia Gillard.

She chaired the Employment Services Regulatory Authority and she was elected president of the Victorian ALP. She was often the muse for sexist cartoonists but her humour prevailed, wearing signature polka dot dresses, her proud mark of feminism.

Today we will mourn the loss of a great Australian, and we will honour one of her key efforts, which was to remember and commemorate influential women in Australia’s history.

Sourced: The Age

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