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Keep it real and Cotton On

CultureMarch 20, 2015

Keep it real and Cotton On (Last Updated On: July 10, 2017)

A company with individual codes of conduct can create an environment with unique values and culture. Most employers aim to engage their staff to keep them motivated in order to achieve the tasks at hand, Cotton On is one of these companies.

This week Cotton On is defending a unique code of conduct which, to the hip retailer, drives their staff to share the attitudes and personality of their target market. These values are shared amongst a strong cohort of over 19,000 employees. To accomplish this, Cotton On has used common slang in their core values and codes of conduct which their staff follow.

Fairfax revealed that Cotton On staff could potentially face disciplinary action if staff are not following the retailer’s “fun, entrepreneurial, keeping it real, family, ethical and engaged” values. If staff are unsuccessful in fulfilling this code of conduct they will be “counselled, issued warnings, or instantly dismissed”.

A spokesperson from Cotton On admitted to Fairfax that “keeping it real” may be “misaligned” however defended the phase by saying that Cotton On is “extremely proud of our culture and the values upon which this culture is built and we absolutely encourage our team members to embrace and embody these”.

When setting company values and codes of conduct, employers need to ensure that their employees are able to clearly understand what is expected of them while they’re at work. Using language that your employees relate to can result in them understanding company values more quickly.

However all employers need to be aware that if values and codes of conduct are not solidly defined and structured in a way that employees “know exactly what the employer means” business owners can have difficulty disciplining or terminating staff.

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*Information sourced via Smart Company website.

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