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Managing Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

DiscriminationSeptember 24, 2013

Managing Mental Health Issues in the Workplace (Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

Staff suffering a mental illness is a big issue for small business owners. It is likely most employers will face this issue at some point. Employees won’t always disclose that they have a mental illness, worried it might damage their chances of employment or promotion.

In the attached article, figures from the “National Mental Health Commission shows that mental disorders cost the Australian economy $20 billion annually through lost productivity and labour participation.”

 It is important that employers approach mental health in the workplace with not only sensitivity but also knowledge regarding Australian law surrounding this topic.

 Employers should ensure that they do not discriminate employees or prospective job applicants who have, or are perceived to have a mental disorder. Sometimes employers may not be aware if they are in breach of the law.

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