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Mankind and manufacturing – working safe and sound

Mankind and manufacturing – working safe and sound (Last Updated On: July 1, 2014)

Australia has revealed that the manufacturing industry is not as safe as many would believe. The statistics are hazardous. In 2011/12, the most recent figures available, workplace injury and harm affected 20.9 out of 1000 employees. Everybody goes to work expecting to come home at the end of the day, but that doesn’t always happen. The highest causes of death in the manufacturing industry include being hit by falling objects, vehicle incidents, being trapped by machinery or between stationary and moving objects and falls from height. There is also a high prevalence of falls, trips and slips of a person, all of which can be avoided. These are not always as serious but affect a business with ongoing compensation payments and claims.

Len Neist the executive director of Health and Safety with Victoria’s WorkCover Authority says team work is the key to reducing the number of injuries in the workplace. Its employers working together with their employees to discuss hazards, implement change and improvements with existing facilities or workplace practices. By working together employers can guarantee the reduction of occurrence of injury and harm to their employees. It will also mean that there are less employee work compensation claims related to injury.

If any of your employees have suffered from injury at work, it is important to support them and their return to work. It is best for them to return to work as quickly and as easily as possible. A big part of the rehabilitation development is finding a routine, returning to normality and having a purpose. Employsure can help with discussing return to work interviews to ensure your staff are comfortable and confident to return to work. We can also support you if you have an employee claim. If you found this article relevant and would like to discuss anything further please fill out the form below.

 *Information sourced via Manufacturers Monthly website. 

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