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Meat factory employer taking a gamble on the stock levels of stock

Meat factory employer taking a gamble on the stock levels of stock (Last Updated On: September 17, 2014)

The employers of a meat factory processing stock powders and liquids in Casino, regional NSW are in hot water at the moment after forcing their employees to take leave because the factory was over stocked, with well, stock.

Workers were called into a meeting and told that the factory would be closed for a two month period and that annual leave, long service leave and leave without pay would be offered to employees. This sparked outrage from a number of employees who then contacted the Fair Work Ombudsman. An investigation found that Seine Australia Pty Ltd had;

  • Not been correctly paying staff under the Meat Industry Award 2010;
  • Not credited annual leave entitlements while the factory was closed;
  • Did not keep sufficient individual employee records.

Breaches in the Fair Work Act resulted in enforceable undertakings, the employer must write an apology to all employees expressing sincere regret for the businesses misconduct. Seine Australia Pty Ltd will also partake in a number of measures to ensure that they comply with Commonwealth workplace laws.

The Fair Work Act is put in place to ensure the protection of employees in Australia. Businesses who follow this act and employment relation policies and procedures encourage a sturdier operation and protect themselves against claims and the risk of wrong doings which lead to unhappy employees. If you would like to ensure that you are meeting all of the Fair Work Act requirements in your business call Employsure today on 1300 651 415. We can ensure that you are covered should you be faced with a claim or investigation.

*Information sourced via The Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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