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Multicultural Australia has multiple office cultures

CultureAugust 11, 2014

Multicultural Australia has multiple office cultures (Last Updated On: August 11, 2014)

The Diversity Council of Australia has revealed in a report a surprising statement that Asian managers are scaling back at work to fit in with the laid back Australian office culture. Calling this taboo office culture the ‘bamboo ceiling’, Asians working in Australia have reduced their ambitions, work hours and have considered resigning from positions.

Australians, the report suggests, are perceiving those who are willing to work hard negatively. This is a demining view and impacts the business culture of Australian companies. The Diversity Council describes many senior staff with Asian backgrounds as “high-performing introverts’’ who are uncomfortable criticising decisions or demanding promotions. Getting a new job and settling into a new office environment is confronting for many but to have cultural differences added to the transition can be more challenging.

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*Information sourced via the Australian newspaper.

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