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New OHS regulations in Victoria.

New OHS regulations in Victoria. (Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

New Occupational Health and Safety Regulations have been issued for Victoria. The new regulations replace the 2007 version, with WorkSafe Victoria publishing a number of guidance documents outlining the changes to assist businesses.

The new regulations are largely the same as the old regulations. The majority of the changes that have been made impact on: workplaces where asbestos is present; businesses that make, import or label hazardous chemicals, or chemicals used in agriculture and veterinary work; businesses in the constructions industry; and workplaces that are mines or major hazard facilities.

Included in the changes are:

  • improvements on standards in particular high risk areas eg asbestos removal work
  • new fees for high risk work licensing
  • different record keeping requirements for those that design and manufacture plant

The new regulations assist in aligning the Victorian health and safety regime more closely to the federal legislation. Your documents are likely to be minimally affected but if you are concerned about what the new regulations may mean for your business, please ask the Adviser you speak with when you next call us with a work health and safety question.

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