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No security, no safety – Fears for Sydney nurses

No security, no safety – Fears for Sydney nurses (Last Updated On: March 30, 2016)

Have you ever felt unsafe at work?

Feeling unsafe while at work is a reality for nurses at a mental health hospital located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The staff are currently fighting against a staffing restructure, which may see less security on shifts in order to protect the health and safety of nurses and other staff employed.

Kiloh Centre in Randwick, has experience 700 safety incidents in the last eight months. Some of these incidents included punches to the face, biting, slips, trips and falls, fires, violent behaviour and patients escaping. The Kiloh Centre is the “first port of call” for mentally ill patients admitted to the Randwick campus by doctors, jails and police, or from the Prince of Wales Emergency Department.

The restructure has been argued by unions and staff members for two years as they “fear for their lives under existing conditions”. Staff retention and recruitment is dire, with 17 staff members resigning in the past year.

What you can take away from this situation is, if your staff are the ones addressing safety concerns, it is already too late and detrimental events may have already occurred. Employers need to be ahead of, and pre-empting, risks in order to avoid them.

Risk assessments and the implementation of corrective action plans need to be conducted and monitored in every business and workplace. The safety of staff should be paramount and never compromised. It is your obligation as an employer to provide a safe workplace. Health and safety conditions at various workplaces can be complex and challenging, however, employers can call upon highly qualified Health and Safety Consultants and Advisers at Employsure for specialist advice and support. Everyday Employsure helps employers and business owners maintain a safe workplace.

If you are concerned about safety in your workplace and have not conducted a recent risk assessment, call Employsure today on 1300 651 415.

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