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Not so merry Christmas for workers in regional ACT

RedundancyDecember 8, 2014

Not so merry Christmas for workers in regional ACT (Last Updated On: November 18, 2016)

A dozen staff who were formally employed by Serco Sodexo Defence Services have been made redundant in recent months and are yet to receive their severance entitlements. As Christmas approaches the anxiety of the redundant staff is rising. The staff are complaining that they cannot afford to purchase Christmas presents for their children.

Due to an unsuccessful year in work tendencies Serco Sodexo Defence Services have had to cut 1400 jobs. This is a major impact in the communities of southern regions of the ACT and parts of NSW. Catering stewards and cleaners have been waiting for up to 14 weeks for their severance entitlements and despite being reassured more than three times that they will be receiving their money, they are still waiting.

Redundancy pay and severance entitlements can be different in every industry, employees have different amounts of annual leave owed to them over the course of their employment and therefore each employee’s redundancy package is different. This can make it difficult for business owners when settling staff who have been made redundant.

If you have any questions on redundancy or severance pay call Employsure on 1300 651 415 or fill in the form below. Employsure looks after the welfare of employers who can acquire piece of mind and the answers to often confusing and pressing times when employee’s positions become redundant.

Redundancy can impact small businesses and if you are a business owner and are unsure of how to go about providing your business with the correct redundancy policies and procedures we can help to implement them in your employment contracts and employee handbooks. Employsure is ready to take your call.

*Information sourced via Sydney Morning Herald.

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