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Is the older generation a force to be reckoned with?

New EmployeesNovember 1, 2016

Is the older generation a force to be reckoned with? (Last Updated On: November 8, 2016)

In today’s population, more and more people are choosing to retire at a later age. Over the next 40 years the number of Australian people aged between 65 and 84 will more than double, so it is becoming increasingly more important that employers are aware of the benefits that come with hiring older workers.

Whilst there are many benefits to employing mature aged workers, we have summarised the top four below.

They bring with them a wealth of experience.

An obvious benefit to hiring mature aged workers is that they bring years of experience and knowledge to a role. Whilst employers may worry that older workers will not be up to date with technology, these skills can be easily taught, while industry knowledge and experience is something that these workers have in abundance.

Older workers have gained valuable knowledge throughout their time in the workforce, which they can share with your younger staff. By teaming up your mature aged workers with your younger employees, you provide them both with the opportunity to learn from each other.

They are dedicated and loyal.

Older workers are known for their dedication to their job, and their desire to ensure work is always completed to the best of their ability, whilst millennials are known as the ‘job hopping’ generation.

A recent Gallup report on the millennial generation found that 60% of them are open to new job opportunities and 21% have changed jobs in the past year. This is more than three time the number of non-millennials. This shows that older workers are more loyal to their position, and are more likely to remain in a role for a longer period of time, than their younger counterparts.

They are mature and not easily stressed.

Older workers have the maturity that comes from life experience, and as such are less likely to lose their heads in stressful situations. Their confidence, which is built up over a period of time spent in the industry, allows them to make confident decisions.

Older workers have also had the time to perfect their organisational skills. With more than a million man-hours lost each year due to workplace disorganisation, older workers are less likely to play a part in this alarming statistic.

They are not always glued to their phone or social media sites.

Another bonus of employing older workers is that they are not text-obsessed, or likely to be interested in constantly updating their social media profiles. This does not mean that older workers lack in communication skills, on the contrary they have experience in different forms of communication. Older workers understand how to efficiently convey their ideas and messages to their target audience, which can be highly useful across social media platforms.

Any employer who is hiring for a role should always take the benefits of employing older workers into account. A workforce which employs both older and younger workers may see an increase in staff retention and a boost in overall productivity.

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