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Pack One and Post but don’t pay female staff to do so

UnderpaymentsAugust 2, 2014

Pack One and Post but don’t pay female staff to do so (Last Updated On: August 2, 2014)

A Sydney businessman John Watts has been fined in Federal Court for failing to pay his female staff. He employed 21 Chinese workers at his Pack One and Post mailing company in Rockdale and the accumulated money to be paid back to the staff is a staggering $360,000. The women were only paid $11 or $13 an hour for packaging, sealing and mailing envelopes. The earnings given to the women were well beneath the minimum wage and because of their vulnerability and limited English the underpayment and mistreatment was deemed significant.

The registered company Palcoy Pty Ltd was fined $69,000 and Mr Watts was fined $12,500. Mr Watts being the employer did not correctly abide by his employment obligations, underpaying his staff was one component, he also failed to pay his staff correct over time hours and public holiday rates.

The Fair Work Ombudsman ensures the fortification and contrition of employers who do not follow employment law within Australia. If you do not know or have not implemented the correct wage entitlements for your staff you could be faced with a claim and fines against you.

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*Information sourced via the Sydney Morning Herald website.

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