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Coronavirus (COVID-19): FAQ And Resource Hub For Employers

Worried about the Coronavirus? Here's where employers can read all the updates and FAQs on what you should do in the workplace, what obligations you have, and how to prevent it from spreading.


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How to provide equal opportunities in your workplace

Equal opportunity means that all employees are to be treated equally or similarly, and are not disadvantaged by prejudice or bias. In...

Setting expectations of your employees

If 2015 saw some of your staff underperform, fall short of communicated targets or generally fail to meet your behavioural expectations,...

Why you need to regularly update your contracts and policies

An employment contract provides the parameters for the relationship between an employer and an employee.  They also determine the rights...

Employsure’s guide to managing misconduct and poor performance

Sometimes employees behave in ways which are unsuitable for a working environment. It is important to pull employees up on any wrong doings...

If looks could thrill in the workplace

The way we look and the way in which we present ourselves at work is important. Why? Because physical appearance is a strong aspect of how...

7 things every employer should know about work health and safety

Why is health and safety important to employers? Research shows that managing work health and safety constitutes good business practice....

Onus on employers when giving out bonuses

Employers at this time of year may be contemplating whether or not to reward staff with a bonus. What happens if some of your staff are...

Ask Ed: Can I only give a bonus to some of my employees?

Question I cannot afford to give everyone a bonus. Can I only give a bonus to some of my employees? Answer Employers are not...

Understanding public holiday entitlements

Everyone looks forward to a public holiday, but what if you need employees to work and what do you have to pay them if they do work? Here...

The risks of social media

We receive a lot of calls from clients about issues surrounding the use of social media by their employees. It seems like a minefield of...

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