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Pay rise for retail staff aged 20 years

Pay rise for retail staff aged 20 years (Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

Employers in the retail industry will face a change to their payroll responsibilities as of 1st July this year, with an increase to the award wage for 20 year olds.

The recent Fair Work Commission (FWO) announcement has upset business owners who say it will risk jobs.

The FWC has recognised that by the age of 20 years, many retail employees already have a few years’ experience under their belt and they generally perform the same duties as their co-workers aged 21 years.

The pay rise will see 20 year olds paid the same as 21 year olds, providing that they have worked for their employer for more than six months.

The new pay rates will be phased in over a year, starting 1st July this year.

*Information sourced via the Smart Company website.


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