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Playing limbo with the sexual harasment benchmark

Playing limbo with the sexual harasment benchmark (Last Updated On: July 25, 2014)

The Federal Court of Australia has set a new higher benchmark for sexual harassment claims. Larger amounts of compensation will now be given to victims. In Australia victims of sexual harassment have previously been awarded $18,000, this will now dramatically increase to a benchmark of $100,000. The change came about after the expectations about the sum of compensation was reviewed, it was shown that the pain and suffering caused by sexual harassment in the work place is crippling and more needs to be given to victims to cope with the aftermath.

Due to the significant increase in the benchmark, organisations now more than ever need to ensure that they have the correct sexual harassment policies and procedures in place, to avoid these large and potentially business shattering claims.

Employers, if you believe you need to review your sexual harassment policies call Employsure or fill out the form below. We can help you develop correct procedures to protect your staff against sexual harassment claims before they occur. We give you and your employees the know how and set the boundaries to ensure everybody in your workplace behaves appropriately.

*Information sourced via the Clayton Utz Insights website.

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