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Plenty of swings leave us hanging this federal election

UncategorizedJuly 4, 2016

Plenty of swings leave us hanging this federal election (Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)

While many may have thought Turnbull was a sure thing this election, it appears voters have turned away in droves, leaving the determination of this election in the air. As no party holds the absolute majority of seats, we could be left with a hung parliament.

To form a majority, a party needs to win 76 seats. As it stands today, Labor are in front with 67 and Liberal are close by with 65.  Currently, 78.8% of votes had been counted with 13 seats in doubt, and it seems in electorates the nation over, bigger than expected swings were the main cause, taking some MPs by surprise. Areas in Tasmania and New South Wales saw a 10% and 12% change in votes, respectively, towards Labor.

What are the next steps?

Counting is set to continue tomorrow and will include the postal and absentee votes. It was initially thought that we may have had a firmer idea following this, however, it is hard to say as counting these votes can be a long and drawn out process, due to parties checking and double checking votes.

While timelines are unknown, there are two main suggested outcomes – Liberal picks up its remaining seats to form the majority or, they do not reach the required 76 seats and we have a hung parliament.

If we are left with a hung parliament, no party can pass laws without the support of other parties or independent members. The governing party, in this case the Liberal party as they are currently in power, would need to negotiate with other parties in order to have laws passed.

Only time will tell what is in store for Australia.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald and ABC

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