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Pokémon – taking over the world and the workplace?

Pokémon – taking over the world and the workplace? (Last Updated On: July 13, 2016)

Pokémon Go. This mobile amplified reality game has sent majority of the world’s population into a spin, as people race to catch these fictional characters.

Some have taken the game to terrific heights, using Uber to get around the city to gather their Pokémon, while another attached their phone to a drone in an attempt to gather them near and wide. Perhaps a little over the top, but nevertheless, creative ways to get them all and conquer the Pokémon world. The Pokémon ‘walk’ in Sydney on Sunday 10 June attracted thousands, the server has crashed trying to support the millions of users and police are posting warnings the world over to alert people to the dangers of being in a Pokémon phone zone.

As generally happens with a craze, the excitement will eventually die down, but it does present some food for thought for business owners and employers.

Most employees have their mobile phones on them at all times during the working day, so the question needs to be asked – are your employees as engaged as they need to be or are they racing around the workplace in a bid to catch them all?

While this could prove a difficult thing to manage, it presents the perfect opportunity to think about adapting, changing or introducing a mobile phone policy.

Depending on your industry and the potential varying roles across the workplace, personal phones can prove difficult to manage but as an employer, you are within your rights to define a fair and reasonable policy surrounding their use. This policy must be explained to all employees, with copies signed and returned to ensure it has been read and understood.  The policy also needs to be readily available for anyone who wishes to review it. Similarly, if you supply mobile phones to support the work carried out by employees, it could be worthwhile designing a policy to highlight the device is for business use and only reasonable incidental personal use.

If you would like to review or implement a mobile phone policy, or any other policies to assist in managing workplace behaviour, contact Employsure today on 1300 651 415. Our specialist advisers and consultants are ready to help whenever you need.

As the obsession continues, for those entranced, we urge you to remain vigilant, placing your personal safety and work requirements ahead of tracking down these cute creatures. If you are a little confused by it all, hang in there.

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