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Privately owned petrol station underpays 39 employees

UnderpaymentsJanuary 9, 2015

Privately owned petrol station underpays 39 employees (Last Updated On: January 9, 2015)

The operator of a Wagga Wagga petrol station is officially on notice after underpaying his staff members collectively over $60,000. The Fair Work Ombudsman’s investigation found that the business owner failed to meet legislation under The Fair Work Act for over 12 months and targeted overseas workers under the age of 21.

The console workers had been misclassified by their employer as part-time workers resulting in the non-payments of casual loading. As a form of disciplinary action the employer would deduct pay from the staff if their tills were down or if a motorist drove off without paying for their fuel. Superannuation entitlements were also being underpaid. All of these practices are unlawful and alarming.

Overseas workers are especially protected by the Fair Work Ombudsman because they are vulnerable and many do not know their rights under the Fair Work Act. Natalie James the Fair Work Ombudsman’s spokesperson said the FWO will be “taking enforcement action if this business operator fails to comply with workplace laws in the future”.

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*Information sourced via The Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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