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Ramona was a waitress

Ramona was a waitress (Last Updated On: June 27, 2014)

Ever worked in hospitality as a waitress or waiter and accidentally got an order wrong? Imagine if you’d had to pay the patrons entire bill after one simple mistake. This happened multiple times at a café in Subiaco, Perth. Staff were penalised when making common mistakes and as a result were out of pocket hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Staff who failed to place tomato slices on the right layer of a club sandwich or served cold food were deducted pay. Staff who turned up five minutes late were $100 dollars short on payday.

Disciplinary action in the workplace is like parenting, many people have different views and procedures. However, it is illegal to deduct the pay of employees should they make mistakes. The Fair Work Ombudsman investigated the café after four complaints were made by employees. Many who were from foreign countries and were unaware of their entitlements. The café also was failing to issue employees with pay slips and was not keeping accurate time-and-wage records. The café was issued an infringement notice of $7650 and a letter of caution that any further contraventions of workplace laws could result in enforcement action.

If your business practices need a review, or if you need advice on how to properly discipline employees fill out a form below. Employsure is able to support you in organising employee paperwork and documentation to ensure accuracy of employees’ wages, awards and entitlements. We also can advise you on a disciplinary procedure which is tailored to your specific situation. After reading this Subiaco case study by the Fair Work Ombudsman I’m sure you’ll agree that the role of an employer is to provide a safe, positive and awarding work environment for all employees. We make it our mission to provide employers with the tools to implement this in ANY work setting.

*Information Sourced via the Fair Work Ombudsman 

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