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Reviewing or setting workplace expectations

Reviewing or setting workplace expectations (Last Updated On: September 16, 2016)

In the past year, Employsure assisted business owners with 177 employee misconduct claims. While some claims are no fault of the employer, there are still many that are made due to a simple misunderstanding or lack of knowledge associated with employment obligations.  There are however, ways to mitigate your risk when it comes to employee misconduct, namely the implementation of workplace expectations and standards.

If this year has seen some of your staff underperform, fall short of communicated targets or generally fail to meet your behavioural expectations, now is the perfect time to set new and/or improved employment standards.

Setting standards and expectation should be part of any business procedure and should be included in all employee inductions. These standards should also be outlined in your Employee Handbook, with a detailed overview of required policies and procedures. Ensure your handbook is distributed to each employee and that they have been provided the opportunity to read, understand and give back a signed copy for acknowledgment purposes.

When reviewing your standards and expectations, there are a multitude of items to consider. These can include:

  • how you measure performance
  • appropriate dress code and appearance
  • behaviour at work, including acceptable vocabulary
  • cleanliness and hygiene
  • social media and internet usage
  • use of mobile phones and other devices
  • policies surrounding drugs and alcohol
  • what constitutes a work related expense
  • guidelines associate with company vehicles
  • personal, client and/or conflicting employment relationships
  • bullying and harassment policy, including a complaints procedure
  • process when terminating employment for either party
  • submitting any type of leave requests

When structuring your standards, you will also need to think about how best to manage these in terms of employee conduct and performance.

Employee conduct refers to the enforcement of your rights as an employer in matters that breach any standards included in company policies and procedures.

Employee performance covers issues such as performance appraisal, promotion, demotion, and any personal grievances.

Businesses may vary significantly in what their specific standards should be. As Australia’s leading workplace relations specialist, we can assist with any questions relating to updating or implementing policies and procedures for your workplace. Call 1300 651 415 today to speak to one of our specialist.

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