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Rules are to be followed, this is not a card game

Unfair DismissalSeptember 16, 2014

Rules are to be followed, this is not a card game (Last Updated On: September 16, 2014)

An electrician named Scott Brown refused to produce his white card whilst on a construction site in the Northern Territory, his employer in response fired him. A white card is a credit card sized ID which shows that an individual is trained and aware of occupational health and safety requirements on construction sites. The electrician had lost his white card and refused to reapply for the card as he said it would “be a waste of time”, he was planning on leaving his job in the next 6 weeks which is how long it takes to obtain the card.

Mr Brown due to his failure to produce a white card while he was working on a site was rightfully dismissed by his employer. However Mr Brown filed for an unfair dismissal. The Fair Work Commission reported that Mr Brown’s dismissal on the 8th September was just and valid. Mr Brown’s employer and proprietor of Cullen Bay Electrical took the right steps in terminating the employee. The white card is a fundamental requirement and if the employee did not have his the electrician business could very well have faced fines and legal action as a result of Mr Brown’s action.

Employers need to be aware that the inability of employees to behave, conduct their work within the law and industry requirements can have detrimental impacts on a business. Fines, claims and investigations by the Fair Work Commission can devastate a business financially and also destroy their reputation. If you need to ensure that your business is covered call Employsure today on 1300 651 415 or fill in the form below. We can help you and implement policies and procedures to ensure that your business has the right employee guidelines and that all of your employees know the correct requirements for their roles.

*Information sourced via Northern Territory Business News.

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