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SA – COVID Restrictions Update

Published July 20, 2021 Author: Employsure

Latest COVID-19 updates

South Australia is in a seven-day state-wide lockdown as of 6PM Tuesday 20 July.

Level 5 restrictions


  • South Australians are required to wear masks when leaving home during the seven-day lockdown.
  • Fly in- fly out workers – on seven-day standstill
  • Interstate/regional travel – you must remain in place after 6pm Tuesday


  • Takeaway food services;
  • Shops (excluding essential food services such as supermarkets);
  • Universities and tertiary education facilities including schools – Teachers will have 24 hours before online learning kicks off on Thursday;
  • Pubs/restaurants/café/food courts;
  • Aged care and disability facilities will go into lockdown;
  • Construction industry;
  • Holiday homes and other holiday accommodation;


  • Elective surgery except for urgent operations
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Real estate open inspections
  • Real estate auctions


  • Supermarkets for essential food; (one person per household per day). 
  • Critical infrastructure including power, telecommunications, water;
  • Medical supplies and medical services;
  • Public transport;
  • Airport and essential freight;
  • Petrol stations;
  • Post offices and banking institutions;
  • Some child care and schools will be available for essential services workers only;
  • Veterinary;
  • Essential agriculture services ;
  • Factories remain open for essential machinery upkeep and production of essential products only; and
  • Mining and smelting for continuity and to prevent damage.


  • To go to work as an emergency services worker or worker providing essential services.
  • To receive medical care including seeking COVID-19 testing.
  • To obtain medical supplies.
  • To attend supermarkets to obtain essential supplies (one person /household once a day).
  • Care and compassion reasons
  • Exercise limited to people from the same household.


  • Access child care, primary or secondary education services if the child is that of an essential worker, resides in the care of the State or there are circumstances of vulnerability;
  • Adhere to shared parenting arrangements (court or otherwise);
  • Comply with a legal requirement at a place such as a police station, court or other home relating to justice or law enforcement;
  • Ensure adequate supply of food, care and exercise to animals that are situated away from the home if no other person is available;
  • Escape harm or risk of harm, including in relation to family violence or violence of another person at the home;
  • Obtain essential health services;
  • Provide care and support to a relative or other person due to their health or because of homelessness, age, infirmity, disability, illness or chronic health condition;
  • Provide end of life support to an immediate family member;
  • Undergo a COVID-19 test.

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Note from Employsure

The above is a general guide to the restrictions in South Australia. For official and detailed information, please visit the South Australia Government’s Covid website. If you need further information on how these restrictions impact your workplace as an employer, please get in touch with our advice line or, if you are not a client, we can assist you with free, initial advice on 1300 207 182.

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