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Security guard sacked for going to the toilet

Security guard sacked for going to the toilet (Last Updated On: August 22, 2014)

An airport security guard has been rightfully dismissed after he failed to follow toilet break protocol whilst on duty. His crucial role of screening bags for explosives meant that he is required to be present at his post at all times. A requirement by the airport to maintain security and the safety of others was breached when the security guard wondered off to the toilet without waiting for his officer to arrive to relieve him.

The employees defense was that he should be able to go to the toilet when he needed to, he thought by informing another employee of his wishes to use the toilet that he’d provided sufficient information to uphold the security of the airport.

A serious misconduct of airport security resulted. The employing officer had sufficient reason to dismiss the worker after the breach of security because the guard clearly indicated that he intended to continue to refuse to follow the toilet protocol.

The airport and its employing body had implemented correct policies and procedures to ensure the operations and control over the responsibilities of staff was clear and applied to all staff. All businesses have duties and responsibilities to uphold and the best people for the tasks are those who adhere to directions. If you are experiencing employees who are unaware or not adhering to work policies or procedures you could be at risk of employment relations disputes and claims. Call Employsure today on 1300 651 415 or fill in the form below, we can provide you with solutions to better equip you as the employer by implementing policies and procedures to ensure that your staff follow direction.

*Information sourced via Work Place Info Australia

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