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Slip n sliding all the way to Christmas

Slip n sliding all the way to Christmas (Last Updated On: December 23, 2014)

Does your office have any quirky yearly traditions? Flight Centre’s head office in Brisbane sure does. On the last working day before Christmas each year they have an office slip n’ slide.

Workers dress in garbage bags and run through a tunnel created by their 1000 strong cohort of colleagues, then throw themselves onto a tarpaulin of soapy water and slide through desks, working pods and filing cabinets which are used as spectator seating.

This year their highly anticipated pre-Christmas fun and games has gone viral. Staff have uploaded pictures and video clips of the shenanigans. Although coming from a light hearted and humorous place after watching this clip, some may be screaming workplace health and safety policies. While others, perhaps the CEO, may be questioning why he allowed his staff to use social media to document the activity.

The tradition has been going on for 6 years says Kellie Carty the groups spokeswoman. She said “It’s a great way to end the year and come together to celebrate.”

An unofficial trophy is awarded to the staff member who slides the furthest and they celebrate Christmas and have a jolly laugh.

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*Information sourced via the Brisbane Times.

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