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So scandalous

Unfair DismissalJuly 11, 2014

So scandalous (Last Updated On: July 11, 2014)

It seems large companies and high profile employers are running from headlights trying to avoid the affects of sex scandals. Any inappropriate behaviour is stripped raw by the media and office gossip, companies face damaged reputations, families are torn apart, when they too, are dragged through the exposed scandals.

Head of Energy Australia, Richard Mclndoe, has spoken out against unlawful dismissal laws and suggests that the Fair Work Act, which puts the onus of proof on employers, needs review. Mr Mclndoe said employees are encouraged to come forward with vexatious claims, and from his shamed experience, this is a personally painful process.

The change would mean that employers can avoid unpleasant headlines and those coming forward as witnesses in sexual harassment claims are generally more protected and not exposed.

Sexual harassment claims are ugly. If your company is at threat and you would like to review your workplace standards and employee relationships at work then contact Employsure by filling out the form below.

*Information sourced via The Australian Financial Review. 

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