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Social Media Policy Essentials

Published March 04, 2019 (last updated June 17, 2020) -

Social Media and Small Business Employees can be a dangerous mix. That’s why a robust policy can help protect your business and its reputation.

The following are 5 Essentials You Should Include In A Social Media Policy.

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Clearly Define ‘Social Media’

There’s the obvious platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. But should your policy also include other forums such as blogs, chat rooms and messaging apps? Social media is a big place, so know exactly what you’re including — and not including — in your policy.

State Your Expectations

Clearly set out what constitutes ‘unacceptable use’ of social media, and demonstrate acceptable and unacceptable examples. Also include references to an employees’ legal obligations when using social media (such as bullying, discrimination and harassment legislation) that applies both inside and outside the workplace.

Answer the Tough Questions

Social Media may have its grey areas, but policies must be black and white. What are the responsibilities of staff members when it comes to both the company’s social media, and their own personal accounts? Who has access to social media in the workplace? How will this be monitored? What are the consequences for breaching company guidelines? A strong policy answers such questions.

Make the Legal and Security Risks Clear

Even seemingly innocent posts can contain potentially confidential or secure information about a company, its employees or its clients. Make sure your policy addresses such breaches so you can avoid costly mishaps.

Employee Input

Some employees may resent having a policy imposed on them, especially one that dictates activities they do in their personal time. To overcome such barriers, ask for employees to participate in the process of drafting the policy. Form an internal committee, complete anonymous surveys, and encourage staff to take ownership of developing — and ultimately following — the policy.

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