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Stressed at work? Have a laugh!

Stressed at work? Have a laugh!

The biggest trigger to impact workplaces in Australia is stress. Stress causes tension between staff and is a major health concern for those feeling the strain. The top 5 triggers of stress include:

1. Job insecurity
2. Work overload
3. Organisational change
4. Conflict with manager or colleagues
5. Bullying and harassment

A report by AccessEAP data has found that job insecurity rose from 26% to 31% in 2013. As employers you need to realise that this means the wellbeing of your staff is decreasing. It is time to implement some realistic and achievable change to ensure your staff feel encouraged and worthy of their roles.

Did you know that laughter helps alleviate stress? It is known to strengthen the immune system, relax tense muscles, reduce high blood pressure and reduce the production of stress hormones. Do you have laughter in your workplace?

Here are the best ways to alleviate stress in your workplace:

1. Make lists and prioritise – commit to one task at a time;

2. Practise saying no – when we say yes to work we feel accepted by other people, you can say no to unreasonable requests;

3. Don’t take everything personally – be aware that others feel stress too and stressed people behave uncharacteristically and unkindly.  Stress also makes you sensitive, be mindful of this when responding to others requests;

4. Partake in relaxation and exercise – release happy endorphins and take time to reflect and let go of stressors;

5. Stress reduction techniques – write down when you’re most stressed, identify the environments or elements that create stress. Identifying them will help you to avoid them;

6. Have a laugh every now and again!

Employers, if you invest time on alleviating stress and focus on ensuring your staffs wellbeing, you can expect higher productivity, less absenteeism and a better work culture.

Employsure can help employers to become aware of policies and procedures to protect the wellbeing of staff so stress can be prevented in the workplace. If any of your employees are stressed and you need to review your employment policies or procedures fill out the form below or call Employsure on 1300 651 415.

*Information sourced via the Northern Rivers Eco website.

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