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Student waiting months to be paid by Elwood cafe

UnderpaymentsNovember 3, 2014

Student waiting months to be paid by Elwood cafe (Last Updated On: November 3, 2014)

A twenty year old student has been underpaid by an eatery in Elwood near Melbourne’s St Kilda Beach. The student had responded to a Gumtree advertisement and started working at the café for an agreed $20 an hour. After five weeks of working at the café the student had not been paid.

Although the student continually asked the employers where his pay was they rejected there was a problem and reassured the student that because one of the employers was sick that there was a delay in payment. They suggested that the money would be in his account “in a couple of days”.

Full time staff had no issues being paid but the student and two other casual staff were collectively owed more than $10,000. The student quit after his first paycheque was reduced to three weeks’ pay. He then lodged an official complaint against the business to the Fair Work Ombudsman, and is at this time being investigated.

The employers had continually promised to “sort it out” and sent the student a text message once he quit saying “that they never intended to abuse his good nature, that he was a champion and they appreciate all his efforts and they are trying their hardest to sort it out”.

Employers who are disorganised when it comes to wages and staff entitlements are at high risk of being investigated and are likely to have claims against them by their own staff. If you would like to ensure that your business is doing the right thing by your staff and implementing correct employment procedures to better the relationship with staff and the operations of your business call Employsure on 1300 651 415 or fill in the form below.

Employsure can assist you with standing claims and provide you with the answers to employment relations queries. Don’t assume your business is safe from fines and investigations, why not ensure that you are ahead of the regulation and are doing the right thing by your staff?

*Information sourced via The Leader Community Newspaper.

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