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Unfair DismissalJuly 22, 2014

Subway eat fresh (Last Updated On: July 22, 2014)

A manager of a Texas Subway franchise is in a lot of trouble after refusing to let a very sick employee go home after vomiting whilst on the job. Elizabeth Taff, a Subway sandwich artist, said she was unable to talk to customers and could hardly stand because she had a severe contagious stomach bug. She vomited profusely 40 minutes after the start of her shift, was told by her superior, to change her shirt and find somebody to cover her shift after the busy lunch time rush was over. Later that day, she was fired for poor performance and insubordination. Taff has rightfully claimed she was unfairly dismissed.

In Australia, employers must not allow staff to be sick around the handling or preparation of food. This flu season employers need to be diligent and recognise the health of their employees to avoid food contamination. The food standards of Australia states that staff members handling food must tell their employers if they are unwell or suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, a fever or a sore throat with a fever.

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*Information sourced via the Smart Company website. 

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