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Success Story – Baxter IP: Filling the gap

UncategorizedMarch 9, 2016

Success Story – Baxter IP: Filling the gap (Last Updated On: March 9, 2016)

Hervé Fiévet, Head of Finance at Baxter IP, came to Employsure after an issue with an ex-employee which required the engagement of lawyers. The entire exercise cost them approximately $20,000 in legal fees, and resulted in a final settlement amount of less than $2,000.

Aside from the cost of defending the case, this process took a lot of time and effort, and was very stressful for something that perhaps could have been easily prevented.

Following this, the realisation came that, as a company, they did not have the time required to spend on employment issues. Hervé also recognised they were a complex company with multiple awards across different parts of the industry and therefore, could not keep up with all the legislation changes.

After speaking with an accounting firm who was already a client of Employsure, Hervé reached out to discuss the issues he was facing and to see how we could ensure they remained compliant.



Baxter IP now have procedures in place, steps to follow and a person on the other end of the phone whenever they need advice.

“Everything has become so much clearer since being with you, it is a great relief. We know when we call the advice line we can get an answer more or less straight away and do not need to spend our time searching the internet.”

Diversity of service

With a wide range of potential employment issues, Baxter IP is confident in the skill and knowledge of Employsure to be able to assist in any situation.

“No matter the issue we are facing at the current time, it is so much easier having someone to contact as back up when we need to resolve any issue.”

Straightforward service approach

Hervé found Employsure’s compliance review and advice service to be very simple and straightforward, along with the implementation of new documents. This also meant they had all the correct documents in place whenever required.


“The best thing about working with Employsure is feeling comfortable that we will get the information we need, when we need it. Employsure is like having an anti-virus for our business.”

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