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Sydney super storm causes stress for commuting staff

Sydney super storm causes stress for commuting staff (Last Updated On: April 22, 2015)

NSW is in a state of emergency after heavy rainfall, flash flooding and gale force winds have caused destruction to over 2000 homes and businesses. The storm intensified last night has been referred to as a second category cyclone.

People are experiencing delays commuting to work all over the east coast and several train lines are closed including the Newcastle line, Central Coast line and Hunter lines. Employers need to account for all staff members and late arrivals due to travel delays which will be rife in many workplaces.

A number of schools are also closed and your staff my need to take carers leave in order to care for their children.

Due to the slow moving east coast low the rain and storms will be sticking around for days to come. It looks like many businesses will be without power until the weekend.

Some businesses across the state yesterday acknowledged the weather conditions and encouraged staff members to leave work early to ensure that they got home safely. Employers need to be considering the health and safety of staff and their welfare in these dangerous conditions.

When bad weather strikes like this there are several things that employers need to consider:

  • that all employees know their line managers contact details to inform them if they are suffering delays on the way to work, if they do not notify managers disciplinary action may be considered;
  • the contact details of your staff’s emergency contact in case a staff member is unaccounted for;
  • a lateness/absenteeism policy implemented to ensure that staff follow the correct procedure should they be coming to work late, this includes contacting their manager before their expected start time.

If your employees have been affected by the severe weather and have experienced delays or absenteeism as a result you may need to consider what your obligations are as their employer. Safety is paramount and carers leave may need to be given. If you require advice, call Employsure now on 1300 651 415 or fill in the form below.

Sourced: Sydney Morning Herald and Channel Nine News.

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