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How to thank your employees, genuinely.

CultureNovember 17, 2016

How to thank your employees, genuinely. (Last Updated On: November 17, 2016)

“Thank you.” These two simple words mindlessly slip off our tongues every day. We can say “thank you” so casually, that at times it can come across so insincere.

If you merely grunt a fleeting “thank you” to an employee who has contributed in an outstanding way, and then say nothing more, you might as well be saying ‘thanks for nothing.’

This especially applies to bosses, who often feel, ‘I do not have to thank my employees because I’m paying them.’ It goes a long way, starting with you as an employer or boss to model genuine gratitude in the workplace, and not with bonuses or benefits. It could be as simple as taking a few minutes to meet the employee face to face and properly say ”thank you” to them for their efforts to make your business successful.

To properly, sincerely thank your employees like you mean it will almost certainly increase their happiness and consequently their productivity in the workplace. Like with most things, taking action is all about the approach. Here are some ways to say ‘thank you’ and sound like you genuinely mean it.

  1. Say “thanks” or “thank you” from the heart

This is best done face to face – not by email, text, or in passing conversation. When you say ”thank you”,  really put your heart into it and think about it, make direct eye contact and do it in a more conscientious, careful way, like you are not just saying two basic words, rather expressing sincere gratitude.

  1. Articulate what you are thankful for

Verbally specify the action, achievement or behaviour you are grateful or thankful for. This is the time to commend employees for something that they did that you want them to do more of, and that you want others to do, too. It may sound almost too simple, but it goes a long way.

  1. Connect your thanks to how the person you are thanking impacted you

Tell employees you are grateful specifically about how he or she impacted you and what value they provided to the business.  Not only does it strengthen camaraderie and cooperation, it also shows the person that you mean what you are saying, that you truly appreciate the value they bring to your work and to the workplace.

It may be considered absurd to be instructing employers and bosses on how to express gratitude to employees however, we all need a reminder from time to time, particularly if our employees are disengaged. It is important to remember that superficial, cavalier ‘thanks’ does not mean much – not for anyone, really.

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