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The Australian Tax Office – What a disgrace

The Australian Tax Office – What a disgrace (Last Updated On: July 2, 2014)

The Australian Tax Office has responded disgracefully this week with the unfair treatment and dismissal of a staff member. A public servant, Brett McAuliffe, was bullied by his bosses and as a result developed mental illness. He was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder and took time away from work to recover from anxiety and depression.

After being medically certified to return to work, Mr McAuliffe was subject to discrimination and torment. He was prohibited to enter his place of work and security guards took his pass to the building. A photo of Mr McAuliffe was put at the entrance to ensure his access was denied. The ATO obviously did not adhere to rightfully welcoming their employee back to work. Instead stalling tactics mischievously delayed his return to work and placed financial stress on Mr McAuliffe. The ATO has spent thousands of taxpayers’ dollars providing lawyers for a commission hearing held 7 weeks after Mr McAuliffe was cleared to return to work.

Australians expect more from a large public sector and for them not to support mental illness and hinder the existing stigma we are only moving backwards. An ATO spokeswoman said “we will review the case and our work practices to improve our processes where appropriate”. As employers if you have any employees struggling with mental illness or have any employees returning to work after sick leave and need advice or assistance on making the transition back to work right, fill in the form below.

*Information sourced via Sydney Morning Herald website


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