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The gift ‘policy’ of giving

The gift ‘policy’ of giving (Last Updated On: December 8, 2015)

So this is Christmas and with that comes presents. Everybody loves to give and receive presents but what are employers to do when gifts are too lavish? Employsure is helping employers unwrap the intangible problems that gifts can cause.

Grey areas can result when business and celebration mix. Your employees’ judgement can become clouded particularly when they are blinded by generosity. A gift policy cuts out the confusion and clearly defines what is an ok gift to receive (or give) and what gifts are deemed inappropriate.

The benefits of a gift policy

Employees working closely with suppliers or outsourced departments, which support the productivity of your business, may overstep the working relationship especially when Christmas time comes around. Some gifts could be considered to benefit this working relationship outside of the norm. A gift policy ensures that employees are conscious when receiving gifts and helps employees make a sound judgement of what is and is not deemed bias.

Depending on your gift policy an employer can request that management is kept informed of all gifts being received. The gifts can be declared as received or declined by management and can be recorded on a gift registry. Should the gift then be referred to again in the future a record of the gift can be used as evidence.

Management can enforce a price limit on any gifts being given or received. Price limits ensure that lavish or extravagant gifts which often cause feuds, jealousy and discomfort for others is avoided.

If there is a conflict of interest or an inappropriate situation as a result of a gift in these coming weeks Employsure can offer support. If you would like to implement a gift policy into your employment contracts, contact Employsure today on 1300 651 415.

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