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The Importance of Inclusion in the Workplace

Published June 27, 2022 - F2F Manager, ANZ

As the world celebrates Pride Month, it is crucial to understand the importance of building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The Australian Human Rights Commission have mentioned that while there is limited research on the impact of harassment on different groups, there is increasing evidence that sexual harassment affects some groups of people in disproportionate ways. According to their National survey conducted in 2018, victims of work-related harassment and violence were likely to include women, young workers, workers who identify as LGBTQIA+, from culturally diverse or migrant backgrounds, with disability, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers.

Small businesses can take simple steps to ensure everyone feels included and supported at the workplace. Team building exercises, catch-ups, and regular team activities are some of the ways you can foster inclusivity and motivate your employees.

What can you do?

You can offer ongoing training and support to your managers and senior staff members. Create a collaborative environment, offer virtual resources and materials to your staff members, and make certain your employees feel safe and protected at the workplace.

You can also reach out to Employsure for advice on policies and workplace inclusivity.

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