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Tips on managing a workplace dispute

Culture, UnderpaymentsJuly 3, 2015

Tips on managing a workplace dispute (Last Updated On: July 3, 2015)

While problems come up every day at work between employees, managers and customers, most do sort themselves out. The most common disputes are about money – underpayment of wages and penalty rates, non-payment of annual leave, wages in lieu of notice and redundancy. Whatever the problem is, you need to treat each one in the same way.

Awards and most agreements contain a model dispute resolution procedure. As an employer, you need to have your own clear, written procedures for airing grievances and resolving disputes in your workplace. There are generally five phases:

  • Understand the dispute
  • Talk to the other party
  • Formally write to the other party
  • Seek assistance from a third party
  • Take the matter to court

If you and your employee follow these phases, you have a better chance of resolving the dispute informally rather than formally through the Fair Work Commission or another body, which costs time and money. Even so, your employees must know the formal procedure for airing grievances and the way the Commission handles hearings. Mediation is another alternative – the Commission resolved 6,294 matters through mediation alone in 2014.

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