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Top tips for a healthier, more productive workplace

Top tips for a healthier, more productive workplace (Last Updated On: May 10, 2016)

Here at Employsure, we mainly deal with employment and work health and safety legislation and ensuring your compliance. However, we would like to share the many other ways you can improve your workplace.

Did you know there are many benefits associated with encouraging healthier employees and workplaces? It may seem trivial but statistics show healthy employees are three times more productive while at work. Additional benefits include:

  • reduced absenteeism and sick leave
  • decreased frequency and cost of workers’ compensation
  • improved staff morale, satisfaction and motivation
  • increased return on training and development investment
  • improved employee engagement and employee relationships
  • reduced stress levels

As work and life pressures increase, it is important to ensure you and your employees’ health (including mental health) is at the forefront of minds. Health and wellbeing is becoming a predominant focus in workplaces, so here are some tips to help you kick start it in yours.

  1. Fruit boxes – making healthy snacks available to employees may prevent people reaching for the packet of chips or chocolate bar. In addition, it can provide the right boost employees need during busy periods to keep energy levels high
  2. Encourage team fitness – lunchtime run club or after work team sports can go a long way to improving the health and wellbeing of your employees. Aside from this, it is a great way to boost employee morale and encourage social connections amongst staff
  3. Ensure breaks are taken – mental health is just as important as physical health so ensure employees are taking adequate breaks while at work. Encourage them to take a walk, read a book or chat with colleagues, which will help rejuvenate them for the rest of the day
  4. Work/life balance – every business will experience exceptionally busy periods, but an unrealistic balance of work and life can lead to high levels of stress and sometimes, complete burn out. Keep an eye on employee workloads, consider flexible working request and if possible, offer time of in lieu for extra hours worked

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