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Trolley collectors taken for a ride

UnderpaymentsSeptember 1, 2014

Trolley collectors taken for a ride (Last Updated On: September 1, 2014)

Supermarkets are being investigated for underpaying trolley collectors. There are allegations that four Australian supermarkets and shopping centres owe their trolley collectors up to $500,000. Underpayment of staff occurs when shopping centres outsource their trolley collecting service to contractors. These contractors are under threat to survive in a very competitive industry and in this case have cut corners by underpaying their staff to get ahead on labour margins.

A third of the trolley collectors are under the age of 20, and 40 per cent don’t have an education past 10. Over 30% of the workers were born overseas and  unaware of employment obligations and payment entitlements in Australia.

The centre managers or retailers employing the trolley subcontractors need to be aware that they too can be held accountable for the mistreatment of staff within their centre. Cleaning and security industries need to be wary of correct procedures and policies as the Fair Work Ombudsman focuses on correcting any wrong doings.

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*Information sourced via yahoo news website.

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