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Victorian bakeries are toast!

UnderpaymentsJanuary 7, 2015

Victorian bakeries are toast! (Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

Retail bakeries in Victoria are feeling the heat after 200 employees in the industry were collectively underpaid $150,000 by their employers. The Fair Work Ombudsman, after analysing past complaints data from 2012, has urged retail bakeries to check their wage rates.

The FWO found that half of the businesses randomly audited were paying their staff incorrectly and were not meeting their employer obligations.

Business owners failed to pay the correct penalty rates and shift loadings. Fines resulted because staff complained that they were not paid the minimum hourly rate, overtime, casual loadings, allowances and public holiday penalty rates. In some cases staff complained of not receiving proper meal breaks.

It is also evident that with records dating back to 2012 that the FWO was making sure business, who may not have been aware of recent modern award changes, were up to date with the most recent legislation.

The main culprits were “Baking Industry Association, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association and major franchisors Baker’s Delight and Brumbies”. These businesses are required to back pay all staff and pay fines for the underpayments and lack of record keeping.

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*Information sourced via the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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