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Businesses warned of rising drug crisis

Published October 15, 2015 Author: servian

Wagga Wagga has experienced an alarming rise recently in relation to the regions drug crisis. Business owners Geoff and Maree Tucker have taken matters into their own hands and introduced mandatory drug and alcohol testing in their business, GT Safety Solutions.

This follows from the nationwide crackdown on drugged drivers, particularly those under the influence of methamphetamines whilst on the road. Geoff and Maree were motivated to introduce a drug and alcohol policy after realising that if people were driving under the influence of illicit substances, they were most likely coming to work under the influence also.

Geoff was concerned that if an employee came into the workplace under the influence of drugs, they are a risk to both themselves and other employees. See Employsure’s related blog post on Bunning’s warning to their staff regarding the ice epidemic.

Wagga Wagga police have been seriously cracking down on drug users in recent months and in July caught 46 drug dealers – one of the nations largest drug operations.

Flinders University drug and alcohol expert Dr Ken Pidd, analysed data from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey and found that trade workers and hospitality workers are among the biggest users of drugs in the workplace. The findings showed that whilst the unemployed had a high drug use percentage, there were many more drug users in Australian workplaces.

Dr Ken’s findings showed that 2.3% of the workforce have used methamphetamines at least once in the last 12 months.

Geoff and Maree have taken a pre-emptive strike by introducing drug and alcohol testing in their business. Workplaces need to actively set out clear rules in their employee handbooks with a written substance abuse policy. The policy needs to state that employees are prohibited from consuming or being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance whilst at work.

If you are an employer and would like to protect your company and employees from harm or drug use whilst at work, call Employsure today on 1300 651 415. We can help by implementing policies and procedures in order to protect your business.

Sourced via the Daily Advertiser

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