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What your employees want in 2016

What your employees want in 2016 (Last Updated On: June 27, 2016)

Times are changing, in fact they are becoming more flexible. Businesses moving into the future will need to be able to accommodate their employees desired working arrangements.

It is becoming more and more prevalent that employees will choose to become freelancers in order to pursue other ventures.

An article in the financial review this week showed examples of employees who are seeking flexibility in their day jobs to develop their own companies or other passions. For example a DJ working at KPMG who has Mondays off work to recoup after working on the weekend, and a young BDO accountant who is developing a start-up car-space rental business.

Freelancers are considered to be highly strategic and experienced professionals. They have high-level skills in often a niche or unique area. It is these employees that employers wish to keep happy and hold onto.

In 2016, especially with the governments new approach on innovation, a drive in cultural shift will be experienced. There will be an increase in the demand for flexible working arrangements because the resources are there and the dreams of Australians are in reach, if their employers are willing to support them.

Australians have a wonderful entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, employers can make these driven employees even happier if they are given the opportunity to succeed. Even if they do not succeed there is a chance that on the other side of their venture they will have become better workers with greater experience and business knowledge.

Let us support flexible working arrangements, it will boost the economy and create more jobs. If you think employing freelancers or giving your staff flexible working arrangements seems like a bit of a headache, call Employsure on 1300 651 415. Employsure directly helps employers manage employment relations. We can guide you through the implementation and management of flexible working arrangements and advise you on how to manage freelancers, contractors and or part-time employees.

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