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When HR goes rogue

Bullying & HarassmentNovember 25, 2015

When HR goes rogue (Last Updated On: November 25, 2015)

A human resources manager in Parramatta has been terminated for allegedly bullying her co-workers and deliberately making them appear incompetent.

The HR manager for the Catholic Education Office in Parramatta, disputed her termination in the Federal Court and claimed unfair dismissal. However the court found that she was guilty of bulling other workers.

The court found the HR manager’s employment was ended after she created a ‘climate of fear and intimidation’ within the workplace, which ultimately lead to a complete breakdown in workplace relationships.

Justice Geoffrey Flick found ‘resounding evidence’ that the HR manager behaved aggressively towards her co-workers. It was found that she regularly humiliated fellow employees, gave them the silent treatment and deliberately made co-workers feel incompetent in the hope that they would resign.

Not only did the HR manager’s behaviour created fear and intimidation, it was found to have had a negative impact on workplace productivity.

Whilst the long running dispute has had costly financial repercussions for the organisation, the disruption and ongoing gossip in the workplace has negatively affected the workplace culture and productivity.

The court found that the employee’s termination was due to her instilling distrust, discord and a negative culture within the workplace.

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Source via the Sydney Morning Herald

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